Our philosophy: Keep It Sweet & Simple. 


Accounting, bookkeeping and the integration of technology within your business should be sweet & simple.  

Closing Your Books was created based on the lack of basic accounting, bookkeeping and technology knowledge among women business owners.


Technology is a big part of today's business environment, the days of data entry, holding on to paper receipts and waiting until the end of the month to get something done is GONE. 


Real and up to date data is all in the palm of your hands, with just a click of a button. This is why, almost all accounting softwares are cloud-based and can be connected to your bank, credit card, payroll system or any other software you may use.


“Things that make you go…ummmm”!!! But, we digress…..



We believe “the learning is in the doing” both in accounting and in technology.


Our founder, Lozelle M Mathai, started Closing Your Books, to educate women business owners on the importance of understanding their accounting, bookkeeping and financial technology.


In the early stages of the business, Lozelle provided her clients their monthly financial statements after completing the monthly accounting task.  She would ask “Do you have any questions?”  More and more she would get the answer “No”.  She would also ask “Do you know that there is technology that can do this or that”? She would get the answer “There is?”.


PS… Lozelle always has questions. Her extensive accounting education, experience and curiosity always goes into overdrive when she is working with a client.


Lozelle realized that business owners, big and small, didn’t know what to ask.


 “You don’t know, what you don’t know” is very true.


Based on listening to what her clients were not saying, she decided to incorporate “Accounting and Bookkeeping Education and Coaching” and “Education and Implementation on 3rd party technology” to her business model.


When women business owners, like yourself, are educated on the fundamental of accounting, financial management and technology:


  • You are able to keep your bookkeeper accountable

  • Your workflow become seamless with the help of technology

  • You are able to understand the how and why behind every financial transaction

  • You are comfortable with what you want delegated and what you want to continue doing

  • You are not held hostage to the “Academy of Google” or when you and your bookkeeper part ways