Frequently Asked Questions:
Do you only work with women small business owners?


No, we also work with women who are:

  • responsible for the bookkeeping or the financial aspect of a business

  • seeking to put financial systems in place to better understand their financial status

  •  bookkeeping and accounting students

  • seeking additional or refresher knowledge on the principles of accounting

  • looking to gain a better understanding of bookkeeping and accounting concepts

"You don't need to be a numbers person to get your business in financial order"

 How can your service help me? How do I get started?

Each session focuses on your needs and understanding your business.  Our intention is for you to complete your package with:

  • a healthy, positive and intimate relationship with your business finances

  • an understanding of your business financial activities and financial reports

  • an understanding of bookkeeping/accounting concepts

  • an understanding of  behind the scenes (your accounting software) of your financial records

  • an understanding of how to close your business books in the event you part ways with your bookkeeper


Educational sessions include walking you through 2 -3 months (depending on your chosen package) of your financial records, so you can get a complete understanding of managing, maintaining and interpreting your financial books.


You'll feel more at ease if you set up a free 25-minute video conference consultation with us.  Click on the link to schedule an appointment.


Please complete the questionnaire that will be sent to you once you schedule an appointment. This questionnaire will help to better serve you and capitalize on the time we will spend together.  All information will be kept confidential. 



 We will discuss your educational objectives: what you know, what you don't know and what you think you know.  Then together, we develop a plan. The plan includes your desired results. Each session will focus on your questions and challenges that you have encountered since our previous session.  You set the tone and agenda of each session. Your sessions are geared towards the financial activities/transactions for "YOUR" business, not one in a textbook or a fictitious business.


Repetition and having your hands in the process of your bookkeeping is key in understanding the financial side of your business.


What makes Closing Your Books, LLC unique?

Closing Your Books, LLC understands that all businesses are different. We give you the personal accounting/bookkeeping education that you desire.

We don't use fictitious businesses to explain bookkeeping and accounting concepts.  Nor do we focus on concepts that you already know. We use your business and your data. We respect your time and investment.