Meet Lozelle Mathai, MBA, CFEI

Why did you become a financial educator and accountant for start-ups & small businesses?

I am an accountant with a passion for financial education, growth and the development of small businesses. In the field of accounting, the numbers tell the story of the organization.  I believe it is important for every business owner, no matter how big or small, to know how to manage and understand their finances. Not just give it to a bookkeeper or a CPA.  No one should care more about your finances than you.  It breaks my heart when I hear that a promising business dissolved due to lack of cash flow. I always wonder was it due to lack of financial education.  My desire is to fill in the “how to gaps” on how business owners manage, maintain and understand their business finances

What are your credentials?

I hold/am:

  •  A MBA degree in International Business from Long Island University

  •  A Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Hunter College

  •  An Associate Degree in Accounting/Business Management

  •  A Certification in Human Resource Management

  •  A Certification as a Financial Educator Instructor

  • An adjunct Business Professor

  • Quickbooks Advisor

  • Wave Advisor

  • Zoho Books Advisor

Prior to opening Closing Your Books LLC, I worked in Finance and Accounting in various capacities for over 18 years. During my tenure, I worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies.


At the time I specialized in financial management/reporting, managerial accounting, organizing and interpreting of financial data, monitoring cash flow, profit/loss and budget generation and analysis, and predicting future trends. 


I pride myself on the fact that I have been able to bring these skill sets to small businesses, allowing them to make smart and confident financial decisions.

Why do you only focus on women?

Because I get it. Women think differently about money.  The process of becoming a business owner or being responsible for the financial side of the business can be challenging.  We need to ensure that our businesses don't become an expensive hobby, as our livelihood and family depend on the cash flow from our enterprises.


The process has become much easier with the assistance of modern day technology.


I have also found that 95% of women are managing the financial side of their families' businesses.

What makes you different from others financial educators?

I understand that every woman's comfort level is different when it comes to money and numbers. Before we begin working together, I want to know her level of financial education. I believe people know more than they think. I don't want to waste time addressing concepts that she already knows.  I break down accounting jargon into words and concepts that are easily understood, which leads into a better understanding of her accounting workflow.  


We use the client's business data, bank statements, credit card statements, financial statements and budget (if they have one).  Together we create processes and procedures, create budgets, create analysis and dig down into the details. The concepts become more relevant when it relates to their business and way of thinking.

What do you love about your job?

I love the smiles on my client's faces when they get it.  When they begin to understand the entire picture, their financial vocabulary and mindset start to change. They no longer fear the financial side of their business.  They start taking control/ownership of their money, their business and start creating a viable financial structure. They start asking questions that they didn’t have the confidence to ask before.

They become proactive instead of reactive with their business decisions.

How do you feel when you deliver great financial education?

The feeling is indescribable when clients tell me "Thank you for helping me."   I am always present for every session, observing facial expression, body language, listening to their voice tone and every question.


 I want to ensure each question is answered and fully understood.  I look forward to emails from clients with questions, as it tells me they understand the bookkeeping/accounting concepts and are committed to the financial side of their business.


I want every client to have fun with her finances, as it tells the story of her business journey.

Enough accounting talk, what do you do for fun?

I love spending time with my 3 superheros.  They have a way of turning a bad day into a good day. They make me whole. 


I also enjoy watching The Golden Girls (those ladies crack me up),  Murder mysteries, vintage shopping and spending time talking on the phone catching up with friends.