Knowing the Right Time for Your Law Firm to Outsource

Q: I own a small law firm where I split the administrative functions of running the business like bookkeeping, accounting, and operations with my colleagues. We are all extremely busy with our clients and need to keep our billable hours up. We know that we need help, but we are unsure where to start. What do you advise? A: To a large extent, the challenges of small businesses are similar across industries and professions. Some of the challenges you mention I have dealt with in my accounting business, and I know that many in my network face similar struggles. The question of delegation comes down to time and money. Divide the work at your firm into two categories: 1. Critical, revenue-generat

4 Smart Money Moves for Your New Law Firm

Q: I will be launching a solo law practice later this year. I know that I won’t have extra funds for a while to hire an accountant. What can I do to get into good financial practices until then? A: Congratulations! I’m excited to hear about your upcoming plans, and love the fact you’ve asked your question here rather than depending exclusively on The Academy of Google! Starting a business is hard work even before you officially launch. The more you can prepare now, the better equipped you’ll be to handle the unexpected challenges that inevitably occur in business. 1. Get your personal finances in order now. When you’re a solopreneur, there won’t be much separation between your work and busin