How To Find The Right Bookkeeper For Your Law Firm

Q: I manage a small firm of four attorneys and am under constant pressure to grow our clientele. Our tax accountant strongly suggested that my firm get help with our books throughout the year by hiring a good bookkeeper. I’m at a loss as to where to start. What do you suggest? A: Like other small business, small and solo law firms contend with the challenges of having responsibility for all aspects of their organization. They must manage their cases and clients while continually finding ways to bring in new business through marketing and networking. One crucial task that is often overlooked by so many firms is their bookkeeping. If you don’t know how you financials are, you don’t have a com

How To Know When Your Business Is Ready To Hire A Bookkeeper

Q: My business is less than a year old. I feel that I am growing to a point where I feel like I am outgrowing my very basic bookkeeping systems. That said, I don’t know if I’m at a point where I can outsource to receive help managing my money. What do you suggest? A: Look at this, the owner of a young business thinking early on about financial systems and how to best manage their money. I love it! The fact that this question is a concern to you is a great sign. I also really appreciate your wanting to be fiscally responsible and not spend more than you can afford at this stage. Whether it’s the right time for you depends on many factors. How many transactions do you make in a typical month?

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Financial Team for Tax Time

March is here, and soon will come the blossoms of spring. So lovely! Unfortunately, there are a few less savory arrivals also marked by spring, like tax day. Are you prepared? As a small business owner, part of your responsibility as CEO and CFO is to ensure that you have accounted for and reported your organization’s income and tax liability accurately. Ideally, you have systems in place throughout the year to track your revenue and expenses. If that is not the case, no need to panic. With proper preparation, you’ll be ready for April 15. But the time to start is now. Here are three tips to help you get there. 1. Find the Right Team By now, you know the importance of support and outsourcing