October 21, 2019

e all know the importance of saving in our personal lives. For some reason, I find that that knowledge doesn’t always transfer to business owners. To put it bluntly, I often see business owners quickly spending the income they earn in their business. Investing in you...

Q: Hi Lozelle, my financial records for my business were a mess last year. I was embarrassed at the disorganized mound of bank statements, receipts, and other papers that I handed over to my accountant at tax time. I want to start setting up systems so that tax season...

Small business owners are overwhelmed. They have the responsibility for every aspect of their companies and very often, they bear that burden alone. Some of my clients want to pay attention to their books, but they are too stressed out to focus on their accounting.


Q: I’m buying new gear for my photography business all the time. Since these are related to my work, should I hang on to the receipts for tax time?

A: In honor of National Photography month, we are once again devoting this space to help our photographer friends with the...

March 1, 2019

March is here, and soon will come the blossoms of spring. So lovely! Unfortunately, there are a few less savory arrivals also marked by spring, like tax day. Are you prepared?

As a small business owner, part of your responsibility as CEO and CFO is to ensure that you ha...

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