July 16, 2019

It can feel uncomfortable to say that we want to make money. But if that’s not the goal, why did you start your company? Women's desire not to be seen as loud or bold is literally costing us money in our businesses.

Q: Hi Lozelle, my financial records for my business were a mess last year. I was embarrassed at the disorganized mound of bank statements, receipts, and other papers that I handed over to my accountant at tax time. I want to start setting up systems so that tax season...

Q: Time is money, and I’ve never understood that term as much as when I became a business owner. I feel like I’m spinning around in circles trying to both manage my business and get work done for my clients. I’m unsure of how much time to spend on billable versus admin...

Q: I’m buying new gear for my photography business all the time. Since these are related to my work, should I hang on to the receipts for tax time?

A: In honor of National Photography month, we are once again devoting this space to help our photographer friends with the...

Q: I own a small law firm where I split the administrative functions of running the business like bookkeeping, accounting, and operations with my colleagues. We are all extremely busy with our clients and need to keep our billable hours up. We know that we need help, b...

April 5, 2019

Q: I will be launching a solo law practice later this year. I know that I won’t have extra funds for a while to hire an accountant. What can I do to get into good financial practices until then?

A: Congratulations! I’m excited to hear about your upcoming plans, and love...

February 11, 2019

Let’s talk about something you likely do every day: drive your car. When you’re in the driver’s set you determine where you go and when. You set the destination and the course. You feel a sense of relief and accomplishment when you arrive. You have control to set your...

January 28, 2019

Q: I have begun doing freelance design work to supplement my income. I have a website to highlight my work, but it is only my side hustle. Do I need to do anything special accounting with the money I earn from designing since it is not what I do full-time?

A: Ah, the in...

Whether you have a small or large business, to make a profit, you must make reasonably accurate estimates of your sales income, determine your costs precisely, and manage both effectively. Simply put; you need financial control.

Start Walking into Entrepreneurship

"I can’t keep doing this,” said Maggie as she sat in yet another boring meeting. For ten years, she had climbed the corporate ladder to become a highly-respected engineer and project manager. Sure, the accolades, awards, and bonuses w...

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