October 21, 2019

e all know the importance of saving in our personal lives. For some reason, I find that that knowledge doesn’t always transfer to business owners. To put it bluntly, I often see business owners quickly spending the income they earn in their business. Investing in you...

Q: I saw your recent post about vacation time and appreciated it. What I find myself working is if whether self-care is honestly something that fits into an entrepreneur's life. Between taking care of my family, my house, and my business, I am struggling to know how to...

Q: Time is money, and I’ve never understood that term as much as when I became a business owner. I feel like I’m spinning around in circles trying to both manage my business and get work done for my clients. I’m unsure of how much time to spend on billable versus admin...

January 28, 2019

Q: I have begun doing freelance design work to supplement my income. I have a website to highlight my work, but it is only my side hustle. Do I need to do anything special accounting with the money I earn from designing since it is not what I do full-time?

A: Ah, the in...

When Christina and Amanda decided to start an interior design business together, they couldn't have been more excited. They opened their doors with a little planning and a handful of ground rules and responsibilities. Now, three years into their partnership they find t...

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